PLC Programmers servicing Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC, Canada

Founded in 2012, LogicLink came to light when independent PLC programmers decided to merge together. As a team we help serve our clients of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

At LogicLink we specialize in various automation platforms. We primarily specialize in Allen Bradley, but we also have experience in Modicon, GE Fanuc, Horner, and other smaller systems. We have expertise in all HMI platforms, like AB, Wonderware, Intelusion, Clear Scada, GE Fanuc, and other platforms. We also have RTU and VFD experience in various systems. Each founder of LogicLink has over 15+ years in the oil and gas industry dealing with automation.

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Why LogicLink?

  • The distinct advantage of hiring independent contractors is that the client knows exactly who will show up on site.
  • LogicLink guarantees fifteen years of experience.
  • No overhead equals competitive rates.
  • Rates do not vary from contractor to contractor.
  • We create a perfect team for large projects.

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We all sub-contract through each other’s companies without invoice markup.

Below are the different specialists that are a part of logic link.  Click on their profiles to learn more about their skills, and how they can help you with your next project.

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LogicLink has worked with these fine systems:

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